Russian Civil Code, Part IV – English Translation

Russian Civil Code, Part IV – English Translation

Following its inclusion into the World Trade Organization (WTO), Russian introduced a stricter set of regulations for copyright and protection of intellectual property. Attached is the English translation of the Civil Code, Part IV.

Dealing With Two Russias

Dealing With Two Russias

In light of recent events, it seemed prudent to start the documentation of my research with an interesting Op-Ed piece on the current state of affairs in Russia. It is light on some of the details surrounding the events mentioned, which, when in my research, I will provide more background. It does observe the pendulum motion currently in effect with several policies. Whether this motion could be attributed to Putin’s re-election, it is difficult to say in regards to all policy change; though these authors argue as much.

The most concerning point which the authors make is the harm “retrograde” Russia could do to its population – particularly with the banning on adoptions and the removal of USAID.